Test Results

Winter tyre test by Germany leading test facility.
Please check independent German test  of 5 premium winter tyres and the Interstate Winter IWT-2 EVO

Consumer review in Leading car magazine
Please check attached independant consumer review of the Interstate ECO Tour Plus : consumer review


Wet braking EU label
Please find attached official test report of wetbraking  test report No 124578a.
Interstate performs equal to Dunlop & Kumho and better than Kleber.


European car magazine " Autovisie"
In a recent independent test, the Interstate Sport IXT-1 has been tested against premium brands, like Michelin, Goodyear, vredestein, Toyo, Dunlop, etc. and ended at the 4th place. A remarkable position for a premium budget brand!. Please click here to see the full test results. <<Autovisie test>>

RDW test

In a recent independent test, the INTERSTATE SPORT IXT-1 205/55R16 91W ,has been tested against three A-brands. All brands were tested on the following performance:

  • Resistance against Aquaplanning
  • Brake Performance on wet asphalt surface ABS system engaged
  • Brake Performance of dry asphalt surface ABS system engaged
  • Performance on a wet circle

Please download here the complete test results: test results


NOISE Testing

During an independent official noise test by the RDW test facilities in Lelystad (The Netherlands), Interstate Tires was one of the winnars in noise reduction. The test results were controlled by state-to-the-art noise test equipment, with exact measurements. No less than eight test per tyre were done to ensure a realiable outcome.

Not only the speed, but also the wheatherconditions, wind speed, type of asphalt and tyre presurre were controlled. (ISO norms) This means that all test have to be conducted under the exact same circumstances.

Remarkable is that the INTERSTATE SPORT IXT-1 (size tested 225/45R17) is significant lower in noise than the tyres from leading manufacturers Continental, Pirelli and Bridgestone. Suprisingly Bridgestone was one of the tyres producing the most decibel; 3,0 dB(A) more than Interstate. The winner of this test is the Dunlop SP Sport, but Interstate is closely on a second place

Please download here the complete test report: