Interstate Racing

The Interstate Race divison is a very important part of the company. Here is the start of the unique quality and performance of Interstate Tires.
On the company owned race and test track in Zandvoort, The Netherlands, Interstate test all tyre to the limit.
The Interstate RACE DNRT is the next-generation, competition tyre. In competition the RACE DNRT improvementsin casing and tread design improve
dry performance while maintaining wet traction and control.

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                              EU LABEL
195/50R15 82 V INTERSTATE RACE DNRT-80 8,2 201 577 80AA J7843 CDDNRT155001 4717622046588 2 TAIWAN C1 E C 70 2
205/50R15 89 V INTERSTATE RACE DNRT-80 9,5 214 588 80AA J7338 CDDNRT155005 4717622041071 2 TAIWAN C1 E C 70 2
225/45ZR17 94 W INTERSTATE RACE DNRT-80 11,1 225 634 80AA J7557 CDDNRT184001 4717622042801 2 TAIWAN C1 E C 70 2
225/40ZR18 92 Y INTERSTATE RACE DNRT-80 11,1 230 637 80AA J7556 CDDNRT174502 4717622042795 2 TAIWAN C1 E C 70 2