New sizes in Interstate All Season program
21 April 2020

Interstate adds several sizes in passenger and Light Truck to its All Season program

Interstate adds several sizes in passenger and Light Truck to its All Season program

New sizes in Interstate TourPlus and SportPlus
4 September 2018

Interstate is pleased to announce new sizes additions to its popular TourPlus and SportPlus program

We are pleased to announce our brand new Interstate "Plus" line.
For many years, this has been a very succesful line within the Interstate program.
Offering competitive pricing and stable deliveries.
In order to meet the new stringent European quality and labelling requirements, we introduced new treadpatterns and at the same time adding 13 additional key sizes.
The Interstate Plus line now offers 20 key sizes, which this makes it easier to fill containers.
165/65R13 77H INTERSTATE TourPlus
165/70R13 79T INTERSTATE TourPlus
175/70R13 82T INTERSTATE TourPlus
185/70R13 86H INTERSTATE TourPlus
175/70R14 84H INTERSTATE TourPlus
205/70R14 95H INTERSTATE TourPlus
175/65R14 82H INTERSTATE TourPlus
185/65R14 86H INTERSTATE TourPlus
185/60R14 82H INTERSTATE TourPlus
215/70R15 98H INTERSTATE TourPlus
185/65R15 88H INTERSTATE TourPlus
195/65R15 91V INTERSTATE TourPlus
195/55R15 85V INTERSTATE SportPlus
195/50R15 82V INTERSTATE SportPlus
205/55R16 91V INTERSTATE SportPlus
205/55ZR16 91W INTERSTATE SportPlus
215/55ZR16 97W XL INTERSTATE SportPlus
205/50R17 93W INTERSTATE SportPlus
215/50R17 95W INTERSTATE SportPlus
225/45ZR17 94W XL INTERSTATE SportPlus
TBC aquires Interstate Tires marketing rights
14 May 2018

TBC Corporation, a marketer of automotive replacement tires through a multi-channel strategy, has acquired the marketing rights of the Interstate Tire brand.
For more than 45 years, Interstate Tires has offered a broad portfolio of tires throughout more than 73 countries worldwide.

“We’ve had the opportunity to work with the Interstate Tires team for the last 10 years, and we are excited about the opportunity to take the brand to the next level,” said Marty Krcelic, executive vice president at TBC Corporation. “We will continue to make strategic decisions in the best interest of our company and our customers as we strive, every day, to provide dealers with high-quality lines accompanied by exceptional customer service.”

With more than 20 years in the automotive industry, Theo de Vries has joined the TBC Team to help support customers with the Interstate Tire Program. He has worked in several leadership roles in sales and marketing for Interstate Europe.


The new Interstate SR805 trailer tyre
19 April 2017

The new Interstate SR805, The NEXT GENERATION trailer tire.


INTERSTATE is launching the SR805, a new trailer tire with four improved key benefits: versatility, wet grip, durability and retreadability. The SR805 replaces the previous SR trailer tyre.
This tire has an increased load capcity of 164K (500 kilo per tire more) and is showing the M+S symbol.


Available in the most popular 385/65R22.5 size, the SR805 offers fleet operators four key areas of improvement. The latest trailer tire not only completes the Interstate truck range. It also features higher versatility, improved wet grip performance – resulting in more safety – more durability and last but not least a higher level of retreadability while remaining cost competitive. Responsible for the SR805 benefits are a new tread compound and new carcass features. 

The new tread compound gives better chip/chunk as well as higher resistance to stone drilling and damage - this results in higher versatility. The new tread compound also provides 10 percent better wet grip performance compared to its predecessor, now achieving EU tire label grade B for wet grip. This is thanks to a cooler running sub-layer, remains a C for fuel efficiency, 73 dB and two waves for external noise. 

The tread design of the new INTERSTATE trailer tire is the same as its predecessor. Experience from internal evaluation and feedback from customers proved that it provides a high level of performance, including even wear and low rolling resistance. The optimized carcass construction gives a higher level of protection for the crown compounds, providing long term durability. This together with the new more robust tread compound, gives the SR805 significantly improved retreadability. With these features, the new SR805 is a versatile tire, able to operate in long and regional haulage but also on dirt roads like for example constructions sites if necessary. 

Interstate All Season
4 May 2016

Interstate introduces the new All Season GT

The INTERSTATE ALL SEASON GT is a tyre especially designed for the Western European market. It offers excellent year-round performance and Traction for all road conditions.
The All Season GT has been created to take full advantage of the latest silica compound and tread pattern design in order to guarantee grip, comfort and safety on all road surfaces.
Maximized for winter performance, the All Season GT boasts dry and wet performance on par with most summer tyres. It provides excellent driving performance under all weather conditions.

The Interstate All Season GT carries the 3PMSF symbol and M+S marking

Features and Benefits:
-Featuring high-density 3D flex blades, the All Season GT offers excellent ice and snow traction. The tire is certified with the snowflake symbol, which means it meets the official standards of dedicated winter tires.
-LOW NOISE: Lower road noise thanks to a special tread profile, carcass design and materials. Result: Noise reduction of 0.8dB corresponding to a 23% reduction in subjectively perceived tire noise. 
-Excellent year-round performance
-Interstates ISST Technology helps the All Season GT adapt to seasonal changes. The unique design features specific tread zones that adjust to road conditions.


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