Interstate All Season

4 May 2016

Interstate introduces the new All Season GT

The INTERSTATE ALL SEASON GT is a tyre especially designed for the Western European market. It offers excellent year-round performance and Traction for all road conditions.
The All Season GT has been created to take full advantage of the latest silica compound and tread pattern design in order to guarantee grip, comfort and safety on all road surfaces.
Maximized for winter performance, the All Season GT boasts dry and wet performance on par with most summer tyres. It provides excellent driving performance under all weather conditions.

The Interstate All Season GT carries the 3PMSF symbol and M+S marking

Features and Benefits:
-Featuring high-density 3D flex blades, the All Season GT offers excellent ice and snow traction. The tire is certified with the snowflake symbol, which means it meets the official standards of dedicated winter tires.
-LOW NOISE: Lower road noise thanks to a special tread profile, carcass design and materials. Result: Noise reduction of 0.8dB corresponding to a 23% reduction in subjectively perceived tire noise. 
-Excellent year-round performance
-Interstates ISST Technology helps the All Season GT adapt to seasonal changes. The unique design features specific tread zones that adjust to road conditions.