The new Interstate SR805 trailer tyre

19 April 2017

The new Interstate SR805, The NEXT GENERATION trailer tire.


INTERSTATE is launching the SR805, a new trailer tire with four improved key benefits: versatility, wet grip, durability and retreadability. The SR805 replaces the previous SR trailer tyre.
This tire has an increased load capcity of 164K (500 kilo per tire more) and is showing the M+S symbol.


Available in the most popular 385/65R22.5 size, the SR805 offers fleet operators four key areas of improvement. The latest trailer tire not only completes the Interstate truck range. It also features higher versatility, improved wet grip performance – resulting in more safety – more durability and last but not least a higher level of retreadability while remaining cost competitive. Responsible for the SR805 benefits are a new tread compound and new carcass features. 

The new tread compound gives better chip/chunk as well as higher resistance to stone drilling and damage - this results in higher versatility. The new tread compound also provides 10 percent better wet grip performance compared to its predecessor, now achieving EU tire label grade B for wet grip. This is thanks to a cooler running sub-layer, remains a C for fuel efficiency, 73 dB and two waves for external noise. 

The tread design of the new INTERSTATE trailer tire is the same as its predecessor. Experience from internal evaluation and feedback from customers proved that it provides a high level of performance, including even wear and low rolling resistance. The optimized carcass construction gives a higher level of protection for the crown compounds, providing long term durability. This together with the new more robust tread compound, gives the SR805 significantly improved retreadability. With these features, the new SR805 is a versatile tire, able to operate in long and regional haulage but also on dirt roads like for example constructions sites if necessary.