Does Walmart Do Tire/Wheel Alignment, and How Much Is It?

Walmart and car services rarely go together in the same sentence, but yes, the brand does offer different servicing ranges for automobiles! That raises the curious question from our readers: do they include wheel alignments too? And if yes, how much does an alignment cost at Walmart?

This article will give further details about the auto service at this retail store. Keep scrolling to see how it turns out.

Does Walmart Do Alignments? How Much Is An Alignment At Walmart? 

No. It used to offer wheel alignments. But not anymore.

Indeed, people used to enjoy wheel alignment services at Walmart for years. Back then, the wheel alignment cost at Walmart ranged from $50 to $100 – depending on whether vehicle owners wanted to align all four wheels or only the front ones.

However, things stopped suddenly in 2022; the manager announced such services would no longer be available – without giving any specific reason. 

Even to this day, people cannot figure out why Walmart no longer supports tire alignment, yet most sources claim liability issues are the drives behind. 

But don’t worry; even though wheel alignments/balances are no longer offered at Walmart, car drivers can still count on the brand for many other automobile upgrades and fixes. 

What Auto Service Does Walmart Have?

The table below will show you its currently available services and the corresponding prices:

Walmart Auto ServicesPrice
Pit Crew:5-quart oil
Chassis lubrication
New oil filters
Battery performance and tire pressure check
No oil change services
Tire rotation and balance$15 a tire
Tire mounting$5 to $10 a tire
Road hazard warranties$10 a tire
Valve stem installations$3 a tire
Wheel rotation$2.5 a tire
Flat tire repairs (tubeless)$15 a tire
Fuel system maintenance (for better fuel economy)$20
Lug nut replacements$2 a tire
Wiper installation and blades$10 a blade
Headlight restoration$25 a vehicle
Air filter installations0$/free
Miniature bulb installations$5 a bulb
Battery installations$10$no cost if batteries are bought at Walmart

Furthermore, Walmart Auto Care also offers oil changes, whose average cost is about $32.88 to $52.88:

  • Standard: $32.88
  • High mileage: $42.88
  • Semi-synthetic: $42.88
  • Synthetic: $52.88
  • Non-featured: extra fees (which differ across specific cases)

For more: How Long Does Tire Rotation & Balance Take?

How To Get An Appointment For Walmart’s Auto Service?

To get yourself an appointment for all these amazing services, follow our short guidelines:

Step 1. Use the Walmart finder tool to spot the nearest care center. Once you find anything promising, click “details” to view more information about that store location. You can see the available services and operation periods (opening and closing hours.)

Step 2. Keep scrolling until you see its listed phone number. Dial that number to reach the Auto center. Request your order and appointment. 

Have you purchased car tires through Walmart’s mobile app or the official website? Then you can schedule installation appointments online. It’s considered a part of Walmart’s checkout process. 

What Stores Offer Wheel Alignment Services?

Having properly aligned wheels is a must to ensure the car runs smoothly on all terrains. So do not skip it altogether if you cannot find such auto services at Walmart; find other alternatives instead! 

Fortunately, many auto centers offer 2-wheel and 4-wheel alignments at a pretty affordable price tag, only from $50 to $100. Our favorite option is Mr.Tire, whose services have expanded to numerous regions at below $50! Like Walmart auto care center, you can spot the nearest branch/location by visiting its official websites. 

Other popular care centers that offer wheel alignment checks and upgrades are: 

  • Midas 
  • Tires Plus
  • Jiffy Lube
  • Goodyear
  • Meineke Care Center
  • Tire Discounters
  • Sears Auto Center
  • Big O Tire
  • Firestone Complete Care


1. Is It Worth Doing Wheel Alignment?

100% Yes. There are reasons why they are ALWAYS included in even the most basic maintenance options.

You can compare wheel misalignments with a pair of holed shoes. Refusing to pad them evenly will only bring about discomfort! 

If you cannot afford enough time to drop by an auto shop, at least learn some temporary techniques to line the tires together for a short while. Avoid using the car too often until the tires have properly aligned and balanced. 

2. When and How Often Should You Align The Tires?

Experts suggest doing so every time your car changes oils (about every 5000 to 6000 miles). 

Still, note that there are hundreds of car models, meaning their alignment needs might differ according to tire styles, road surfaces, and the vehicle makes. 

Check the vehicle manual or consult the mechanic in those cases; only then can you fully grasp the best solutions for your car. 

Several special cases also require alignments. One example is new tire purchases: alignments will help them settle into the right position and wear evenly. Also, if your car pulls during trips or the steering wheels become off-center, aligning the tires can easily fix the problems. 

3. What Are Some Visible Symptoms of Bad Wheel Alignments?

  • The steering wheels are not centered. Some regular vehicle maintenance is needed if their wheels are off-centered by 2 to 3 degrees.
  • The car pulls to either side. Drive straight down with no curves or bends. If the vehicle still pulls or sways, it’s time to diagnose it instantly.

4. Are Tire Balances and Alignments The Same?

Both services foster smoother rides and seamless tire rolls. However, they are far from identical!

Tire/wheel balancing corrects the wheels’ uneven distribution weight and spreads it out more uniformly. Without this proper balance, the tires may cause uneven wear, suspension damage, vibration, and other issues. On the other hand, wheel alignments adjust the suspension (a system connecting the car to its tires).

In short: Balance services correct the tires’ weight imbalance, while alignments adjust the tire’s proper angles against the suspension system to ensure appropriate road contact.

5. How Long Do Wheel Alignments Usually Take? 

In normal cases, standard alignments will require about 1 to 1.5 hours (60 to 90 minutes), whether for four-wheel or two-wheel vehicles.

However, there are still exceptions. Suppose your automobile suffers too many tears, cracks, and damage on the track rod, steering bushing, suspension system, etc.; the process will take much longer, then, since mechanics must replace some car components.

Recently, a few auto care centers claimed they could align your car in under 20 minutes. Do not fall for such blatant self-marketings; these complicated procedures cannot get done that quickly. Chances are the shops deceive you or skip some essential steps. 


This article has addressed that question. While tire alignment services are, sadly, no longer available, Walmart still retains many premium options for automobile upgrades. Browse through its long list of public tire services and choose the ones you need the most!

And thankfully, all is not lost for those who still need tire alignment; many auto service centers across the world offer it at low prices – rarely exceeding $100. 

From Mr. Tire to Goodyear, the options are endless! You can either contact these brands directly or write to our expert team for more advice. 

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