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Passenger Tires

  • Eco Tour Plus 2010
  • Sport IXT – 1 2010
  • Touring IST-1 2010
  • Winterclaw Extreme Grip MX 2012
  • Winter IWT 2 EVO 2011

4X4 Tires and SUV Tires

  • Sport SUV GT 2010
  • Tracer A/T 2013
Touring IST-1 2010
Touring IST-1 2010
Sport IXT - 1 2010
Sport IXT – 1 2010
Sport SUV GT 2010
Sport SUV GT 2010
Tracer AT 2013
Tracer AT 2013
Eco Tour Plus 2010
Eco Tour Plus 2010


The INTERSTATE TIRES & RUBBER CO continues to improve the quality of its existing product lines and is working on new projects to ensure consistent quality. Testing machines are becoming increasingly important in the tire industry. Today the development period for new vehicles is less than two years. The number of sports cars and cross-country vehicles with four-wheel drive is growing and these require tires with superior on-road performance as well as off-road properties. Light weight trucks and transport vans are being driven at higher speeds and require tires suitable for these changing conditions. The retreating industry’s share of the truck tire market is also increasing.

Endurance testers
The Interstate endurance tester has been designed to determine the service life of tires. The test procedures of this machine are in compliance with DOT, SAE and ECE standards.. Integration of top-quality electronic components guarantees a precise test run. The real-time test controller integrated in a flexible industrial PC provides a user-friendly, menu-operated control system that is fully digital. The machine can be configured in several ways: one or two car tire stations one or two truck tire stations, or a combination of both. A number of options can be included, for example, slip, camber, deflection, temperature/circumference/rolling resistance measurement, pressure regulation or footprinting.

Force and moment testers
The force and moment tester meets all requirements for tire characteristics, such as dynamic altering of the slip angle, camber angle adjustment and hub drive. All moments and forces are measured, making this equipment suitable for testing tires as well as for use in their development. A five-component measuring hub records all moments and forces in detail. The industrial PC in the control cabinet stores the data. This sophisticated measuring system is ideal for the development of high-performance tires.

Noise testers
A necessary property of modern tires is a low noise level in all situations. The frame and drive train of the noise tester are situated in a pit and the bearing on the road wheel only develops low running noise, thereby creating the optimum conditions for measuring tire-generated noise. The tire to be tested is situated in a semi-anechoic room. To eliminate loading noise, electric motors are used instead of hydraulics. The control cabinet is outside the room and is able to execute test runs automatically. The option of adjustable slip and/or camber for realistic simulation completes the machine.

Universal tire testers
The universal tire testing machine can test passenger and truck tires for four distinct operational characteristics: load deflection, bead unseating, plunger energy, and footprint. Additional tests include tread contact area ratio (image scanning by CCD camera) and the dynamic behavior of the tread pattern under load. This machine provides many testing options in one machine, offering considerable savings in space and economic efficiency.

Laboratory tester
The laboratory abrasion and skid testing machine offer new possibilities for reliable testing and inspections. Abrasion and slip resistance of tread compounds can be measured in a short period of time. Time-consuming and expensive road tests of tire compounds have verified its reliability.

INTERSTATE TIRES quality standards:

Test Results

Winter tire test by Germany leading test facility.
Please check the independent German test  of 5 premium winter tires and the Interstate Winter IWT-2 EVO

Consumer review in Leading car magazine
Please check the attached independent consumer review of the Interstate ECO Tour Plus

Wet braking EU label
Please find attached the official test report of wet braking test report No 124578a.
Interstate performs equal to Dunlop & Kumho and better than Kleber.

European car magazine ” Autovisie”
In a recent independent test, the Interstate Sport IXT-1 has been tested against premium brands, like Michelin, Goodyear, Vredestein, Toyo, Dunlop, etc. and ended at the 4th place. A remarkable position for a premium budget brand!. Please click here to see the full test results.

RDW test

In a recent independent test, the INTERSTATE SPORT IXT-1 205/55R16 91W ,has been tested against three A-brands. All brands were tested on the following performance:

  • Resistance against Aquaplaning
  • Brake Performance on wet asphalt surface ABS system engaged
  • Brake Performance of dry asphalt surface ABS system engaged
  • Performance on a wet circle

NOISE Testing

During an independent official noise test by the RDW test facilities in Lelystad (The Netherlands), Interstate Tires was one of the winners in noise reduction. The test results were controlled by state-to-the-art noise test equipment, with exact measurements. No less than eight test per tire were done to ensure a reliable outcome.

Not only the speed but also the weather conditions, wind speed, type of asphalt, and tire pressure were controlled. (ISO norms) This means that all test have to be conducted under the exact same circumstances.

Remarkable is that the INTERSTATE SPORT IXT-1 (size tested 225/45R17) is significantly lower in noise than the tires from leading manufacturers Continental, Pirelli, and Bridgestone. Surprisingly Bridgestone was one of the tires producing the most decibel; 3,0 dB(A) more than Interstate. The winner of this test is the Dunlop SP Sport, but Interstate is closed on a second place