How Long Does A Tire Plug Last? – The Maximum Distance

How Long Tire Plugs Last

Average drivers and even expert technicians use tire plugs (accessible in almost every local store!) to fix air-leaked tires. But will these plugged tires perform as well as expected? Our team will gladly answer these questions for you. Keep scrolling; surprises await. How Long Does A Plugged Tire Last? Let’s say you have purchased the … Read more

How Long Does Tire Rotation, Balance & Oil Change Take?

how long does a tire rotation take

Unless you want the tires to wear down at a startlingly quick speed, periodical tire rotation patterns are a must. Not only does the tire life extend longer, but the tread depths will also stay more consistent. You will never have to experience rough or bumpy trips regardless of road surfaces or terrains!  The question … Read more

Does Walmart Do Tire/Wheel Alignment, and How Much Is It?

Walmart wheel alignment

Walmart and car services rarely go together in the same sentence, but yes, the brand does offer different servicing ranges for automobiles! That raises the curious question from our readers: do they include wheel alignments too? And if yes, how much does an alignment cost at Walmart? This article will give further details about the … Read more

Can You Drive Without Alignment After Replacing Tires?

Drive Without Alignment After Replacing Tires

Wheel alignments for old, worn-out tires are unquestioned; you must service them periodically to ensure proper and smooth rides. But how about brand-new tires that barely have any scratches? Our article will dive further into this issue to clear our readers’ bafflement.  Do You Need An Alignment After Replacing Tires? Yes. While many people do … Read more